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Lee Story

For City Council Ward 1

I am a long-time Fairway resident. My wife, Julianne, daughter Emily, and I have proudly called Fairway our home for over 18 years. Professionally, I am a small business owner and entrepreneur, specializing in assisting small startup companies launch new products and brands into the retail marketplace. My strong business and financial experience will be an asset to the Council as we address our community’s unique opportunities and challenges.

On the Council, I will be dedicated to protecting the aesthetic of our City of Trees and maintaining our communal green spaces and public amenities. I firmly believe we can support our local small businesses and attract new investment while preserving the character and quality of our neighborhood. I will advocate for fiscal responsibility and seek cost-effective ways to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure and services with efficient and sustainable solutions. We must innovate in tackling stormwater and energy reliability challenges in a changing environment. And we must preserve the Shawnee Indian Mission as a historical gem in our city. I will work hard to promote public safety, enhance neighborhood engagement, and provide Ward 1 with a fresh voice.

Most importantly, I will be your voice on the Council: your go-to resource for city-related questions and concerns. Together, I believe we can shape Fairway's future to reflect our shared values and embrace the essence that makes our neighborhood so unique.

Long-time Fairway resident determined to maintain and enhance our trees and green spaces with efficient and proactive solutions to a changing environment.

Small business owner and entrepreneur who believes we can support and attract local enterprise and community development while preserving the character and quality of our neighborhoods.

Advocate for investing wisely in cost-effective initiatives to protect and strengthen public safety, state-of-the-art infrastructure, emergency preparedness, local amenities, and city services.

Strong supporter of the Shawnee Indian Mission and its special place in our city. Committed to finding a workable plan that ensures this unique landmark remains a treasured partner in our vibrant community.

Dedicated to fostering civic participation and community engagement, striving to create a more inclusive and responsive local government attentive to the needs and concerns of every resident.